Unilok Logistik Ltd was founded in 2001. Under the management of the founder, several forwarding specialists got together with port and handling experts and built up a recognized service partner within the logistics chain. Right from the beginning the saying goes:

We are a competent, efficient and flexible partner and render our services just as our customers expect it to be.

Since foundation of the company a lot has changed. The service offerings have been broadened continuously, storage and handling capacity were extended and of course the team has become bigger. We are proud of the fact that many customers have been loyal to us from the beginning. The same applies to our team. Some of our employees have been with us from the very start.

Unilok Lager Hebestellen

Corporate Group

Since 2012 we belong to the Bremen-based Heinrichs-Holding. The origins of the group managed by our associate Mr. Henrich Clewing lead back to 1859. Since then the focus has been on the handling of goods in the seaport segment and the delivery of comprehensive logistics services. An additional mainstay is the activities in machine trade. The corporate group and its nine affiliated companies with approximately 450 employees offer their services in port locations such as Bremen, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Brake and Cuxhaven.

Further information regarding the individual companies within the group and their respective services can be found by a click onto the logos in the general map:

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